Christmas is coming! We have several exciting events coming up…

Christmas Play -“The Christmas Way”! We will be doing two performances this year! Dec. 13 - Opera House @7pm and Dec. 16 @ 6pm at the Wesleyan Church in Cheboygan. Both performances are free. Please join us and invite your family and friends!

We are collecting supplies for the Cheboygan Humane Society this holiday season! They are in need of dog/ cat food, pet beds, collars, leashes, non-clumping cat litter, blankets, pet beds, and anything else a pet may like! Please bring them in to the school between now and Dec 20 to make sure the critters have a good Christmas!

Christmas break begins Dec. 21 and we resume classes on January 7th.

In case of school closure due to weather, we follow Cheboygan Public’s closure schedule.

If we have closure due to illness or other reasons, we will contact parents personally. If our school reaches a percentage of 25-30% of our total school population out sick, we will consider closure.

Our official school year began September 4, but we continue to enroll throughout the year until capacity is met. Please contact us if you are interested in getting more information about enrolling your student!

 We are so excited to now offer Young K classes! Our Preschool will no longer be in operation, but we believe God has presented us with this amazing plan! Parents are welcome and encouraged to be involved and volunteer! Young K classes will be offered to 4 year old's who are approved into the program from 8 am - 11:30 am weekly from Monday - Thursday. Please contact the school for more information!



Fire Drills: 9/13/18; 10/24/18; 11/15/18

Weather Drills: 9/17/18; 1/10/19

Lock Downs: 9/18/18; 12/12/18


Fire Drills: 9/12/17; 10/23/17; 11/17/17; 3/8/18; 4/25/18

Weather Drills: 9/14/17; 3/13/18

Lock Downs: 9/15/17; 12/12/17; 2/15/18



Fire Drills: 9/14/16; 10/12/16; 11/28/16; 3/17/17; 4/6/17

Weather Drills: 9/15/16; 3/7/17

Lock Downs: 9/16/16; 1/27/17; 2/21/17



Fire Drills: 9/15/15; 10/12/15; 11/18/15; 3/23/16; 4/25/16

Weather Drills: 9/17/15; 3/8/16

Lockdowns: 9/18/15; 12/10/15; 2/8/16


Keep track of events with our school calendar!